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Revolutionary War and Civil War
« on: February 16, 2008, 12:42:50 PM »
WEll, we recently found out that many of my ancestors were born in Oxford, Rutland, Uxbridge areas, on my dad's father's side of family.   This came as a shock to us.   Some were above known in Revolutionary and  Civil War.  George Washington Rockwood is an ancestor, and some others.

We also found out that our grandfather David Rockwood's, ancestors go to the Puritan Era. Big Dea.

My father, his brother and sister did not know much about that side of the family, as they were not allowed to visit them, by them, grandparents and David's brothers due  alcoholism in that family.

Tis sad was a well known Painter the other I forgot what he did, my grandfather was also a painter.

SOOOOO, I am looking for any Rockwoods,  Oh,  Gilbert and Chamberlain are a line, that my grandather's ancestors married, Hannah Frost,  Hannal Gilbert Chamberlain are two others.

I am also looking for cemetaries that they may be buried in

Tis eerie, as my dad owned acres in Hubbardston, he sold them years ago, imagine, he and his brother spent alot of time up there, as did I, and we saw the name Rockwood on graves, never, never, knew, till two weeks that they may be our descendants.



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Re: Revolutionary War and Civil War
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2012, 02:46:57 AM »
Sorry, folks. This is the way my mind works. It took its morning walk today and wound up on a path that led to this question:

The "Colonists" rebelled against their King (government). We call that The Revolutionary War. The "South" rebelled against their President (government). We call that The Civil War.

What's the difference? Why the monikers? Is it mainly the outcome that decides what the dispute will wind up being called in the history books? Would British schoolbooks be referring to the 18th century war as a "Civil War" had the outcome been different? Would children in CSA schools be learning about their "Revolutionary War Heros" had the South defeated the North?

This is a serious question -- not trying to start a Revolution on NN!