Author Topic: Michael SULLIVAN b: (1817-1830) Ireland  (Read 8285 times)


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Michael SULLIVAN b: (1817-1830) Ireland
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:33:38 PM »
I am in Search of information on Michael SULLIVAN and Julia CONNOR.

They first appear in Worcester County in Fitchburg were there is a listing for the birth of Margaret SULLIVAN in 1854.  They later moved to Marlborough then Northborough.

Michael SULLIVAN died 25 Jul 1884 in Northborough and was buried in Westborough.

Julia (Connor) SULLIVAN died 27 Sep 1887 in Northborough and is believed to be buried in Westborough as well.

Information available on Michael SULLIVAN is that he was born anywhere between 1817 and 1830, depending on the record. 

My question is: Is there anyone who knows what Catholic church(s) they may have attended and do they still have records on these old families?  I am highly interested in locating their marriage record, which would have taken place 1854 or earlier and where they came from.

Thanks in advance,