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Michael Glispin after Elizabeth Young .....
« on: July 25, 2013, 11:10:25 PM »
This note follows several years later so I hope those who were initially interested will read this and possibly others who might have some knowledge to share ....?

After Elizabeth died in 1848 Michael married again in 1849 to Mary Hogan (b 1830 in England) and she died in 1881. With all their children married by now Michael married again - this 3rd  time in 1883  to Catherine Sullivan Keignon(sic) (should be Keenan, I think) on Rhode Island.
According to Dr Mary Jane Drogan's rare book on the Glispin ancestry (of Patrick and Catherine) there is a notation on the main pedigree page that 'Michael and family may have been lost on a sea voyage' I cannot locate any death notice for either of them in the vital records .....  and no births also.
Can anyone throw any light on the thinking that they perished at sea? I know there are many shipwrecks around the Massachusetts coast - the main passenger vessels of the 1880-1900 period (City of Columbus and Portland) do not show their names amongst the victims of the disasters.
Any thoughts....?
Thank you.