Author Topic: LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR ME  (Read 4813 times)


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« on: June 24, 2006, 08:33:51 AM »
hi my name is johanna sarrocco. im from worcester mass. but i currently live in maine now. im 33 years old now and i was in my early 20's when i lived in worcester. im not the same person i was alot has changed thankgod. if you knew me then i guess you could say i was pretty messed up but that was then this is now. im happy and i am married have wonderful friends in my life to keep me on the narrow road. i am a quite person who hates bars and screwed up people who dont have their shit together and thinks living the life of drugs and alcohol is the right thing. im not for that. married life is wonderful and loving maine. if you want to contact me feel free too thanks have a great day. johanna sarrocco holman
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looking forward to talking with you. johanna sarrocco