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Adam Tideman Family
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:03:54 PM »

Seeking any additional information regarding the Adam A. Tideman (b. 1823, Sweden, d. 1911 in Worcester) and Anna Charlotte (Peterson) Tideman family. Have been unable to determine his arrival date or route to Worcester. I have discovered that his son, Carl Hjalmar Alexander Tideman (b. 1851, Sweden, d. 1913 in Worcester) arrived in 1879 and lived at 16 Carlstad Street in Worcester. If you are a descendent, I do have several photos that may be of interest. Thank you.


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Re: Adam Tideman Family
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2009, 04:07:46 AM »
Adam Alexander Tiderman b 16 July 1823 at Årebergs Mill, Kyrkefalla, Skaraborg,
 with wife Anna Charlotta Johansdotter b 3 July 1824 at Tumbo, Södermanland
and children Carl Hjalmar Alexander born 14 Sept 1851 at Risinge, Östergötland,
Amalia Alexandra b 25 April 1854 at Bjärnå/Perniö,  Finland
and Beda Constantina b 23 Febr 1857 at Bjärnå/Perniö (Tykö)
emigrated twice: as puddler 14 June 1859 from Faktoriet, Nyköping and 1879 23 Aug from Kallinge, Ronneby, Blekinge.
Their ancestors came  from a smith dynasty:
His Father is Karl Tiderman b 1786 10 Febr at Bäck, Visnum, Wermland, master smith at Årebergs Mill, Kyrkefalla.
His Mother is Maria Stina Tinglöf b 1787 June 3 at Degerfors, Karlskoga, Örebro county and Wermland province. 10 children.
FF: Josef Henriksson Tiderman b 1743 14 Febr at Ramundeboda. Help smith. Ded 1814 Oct 25 at Jonsbol, Visnum.
FM: married 1770 to Maria Johansdotter b 1746 at Visnum, dead 1814 at Bäck, Visnum. 5 children.
FFF: Henrik Nilsson Tiderman, b 1709 at Finnerödja, dead 1788 May 8 by stroke at Smedbackafall, Finnerödja. Manner smith alderman.
FFM: married 1735 to Maria Jönsdotter Nygren, b 1710, dead 1758 23 May at Finnerödja. 9 children.
         (Henrik also married 1759 Oct 17 at Hova: Lotta Johansdotter).
FFFF: Nils Nilsson Tiderman b ca 1665 at Ramundeboda. Hammer smith alderman. Dead about 1730. He had a brother Johan born ca 1668.
FFFM: married 1693 Dec 3 to Margareta Staffansdotter b 1671, dead 1739 May 23 at Röfors Mill, Ramundeboda, 6 children.
MF Johan Jonasson Tinglöf b 1753 Oct 18 at Björneborg Visnum
MM Emerentia Jonasdotter Ros b 1751 April 16 at Björneborg upper hammer, Visnum, 3 children
MFF Jonas Jonasson Tinglöf b 1717 Nov 16 at Örnkullsudeen, Lungsund, Wermland, dead 1803 March 23 by dropsy at Svartudden, Varnum.
        Master smith at Björneborg.
MFM married 1751 6 Oct to Stina Katarina Adamsdotter Segerberg, b 1731 Oct 18 at Björneborg, dead 1808 Dec 9 at Björneborg by stomach pains. 4 children.
MFFF: Jonas Andersson Tinglöf, born 1665, dead 1734 June 3 at Bäckhammar. At Lillefors 1700-1715, master smith there 1715-1725, at Bäckhammar 1726-34, alderman from 1716.
MFFM: married 1700 Nov 1 at Lungsund to Helena Giliusdotter b 1680, dead 1761 July 29 at Kristinehamn. 8 children.
MFFFF: Anders Jonasson b ca 1629, dead 1699 at Lillefors Mill, Lungsund, Wermland. Hammer smith at Örnkullsudden, Lungsund.
married to Birgitta Savasdotter, 1 child. She was the daughter to Serva Henriksson, Hammer smith at Fors, married to Anna, 3 children.
Serva was bar smith (räckare) at Kroppa 1631-58 and is noted as "French" (Wallonian). His father might possibly be Henrik Torner.
The info in the first paragraph is from the CD "EMIBAS", and the rest from the CD "Smiths 2007". 
No, we are not related as far as I can see. However, my ancestors were busy at Jonsbol (a few miles from Bäck) 1832-45, so most probably they knew each other.
Best regards,
(lars_gene7(at),  Göteborg,  Sweden)

Mattias Ewertz

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Re: Adam Tideman Family
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 10:41:19 PM »
Adam Tiderman was my grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's uncle's grandson's grandson.
I have done a big research on Tiderman family and is always on the quest for more photos.
If you want to know something just ask me.
Use my email and i reply asap.

// Mattias