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Mother and four children immigrating from Sweden
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:40:14 AM »
I am trying to find information about what happened to a mother and her four children who immigrated from Sweden to the US between 1887 and 1895.
- The Mothers  name was Kajsa Larson, born Sept 17 1838 in Sweden and immigrated April 1894 together with her youngest daughter Hilda Lavina (see below).
- The oldest daughter Emma Karolina Larson, born Aug 14 1866 and immigrated in Aug 1887. Emma  travelled together with her husband Nils Holmgren.
- Son Olof Edwin Larson , born Oct 26 1869 and immigrated Apr 16 1895.
- Son Carl August Larson, born Aug 25 1872 and immigrated in July 1892
- The youngest daughter Hilda Lavina Larson, born Sept 6 1876 and immigrated together with her mother in April 1894

I have got some help from American and Swedish Genealogists and have learned that:

1.   Emma Karolina and her husband Nils got 4 children Signe O,  born June 1888 in Michigan,  Edith M, born Nov 1890 in Massachusetts,  Arthur Sigfred, born June 5 1893 in Montana died Aug 1970 in Worcester MA and Amy E, born Feb 1898 in Massachusetts. Signe married a Carl J Nyman and got a daughter Ruth in Worcester 1923.
2.   Edwin Larson married Mathilda and got 3 children Phillip E, born May 22 1895 in Worcester, Edna, born July 1 1897 in Worcester and Agnes A, born Jan 17 1899 also in Worcester.
3.   Carl August Larson married Hannah Salgstrom, a Swedish girl, and they got 6 children Albert C, born Oct 11 1896 died in Worcester Dec 1968, Inez P, born in Worcester June 22 1898, Edmund B, born in Worcester Dec 15 1900, died in Millbury Worcester March 1977, Helen Margaret, born in Worcester May 15 1905, Melvin J born in Worcester July 26 1907 died in New York ?? Aug 1968, Frederick A born in Worcester 1910.  Inez was married Johnson
4.   Hilda Lavinia married Charles Cook and got one son Edwin Julius born April 7 1899 in Worcester
5.   Their mother Kajsa died in Worcester Nov 15 1931, 93 years of age.

I would like to find some ancestors still alive and I think the best way to do this is by finding the death dates of  the 4 siblings and their children and grandchildren and by that finding their obituaries. Can you help me with that, and in what other way can you assist me?

It seems like they all stayed in Worcester Massachusetts except for Melvin J and Frederick A who both lived in Stamford Connecticut around  1937.  



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Re: Mother and four children immigrating from Sweden
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2009, 07:44:20 AM »
Carl, have you been to already? I was able to find records of ship passages as well as where my relatives lived in Worcester after they got here from the census', which are every ten years. If you look at the Worcester census for 1890 and 1900, you may find the folks you're looking for. Since I don't speak Swedish, I couldn't discover anything back further than the late 1800's.