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I hope someone for the Whitall family can give me a general ideal of the value of a rug that was left to me. My neighbor who passed on was from Worcester and move to CA in the late 1920s and brought the rug with her. I am guessing it was made in the 1920s. The rug was made a M.J. Whittall Associates, Ltd. It is an Anglo-Persian Rug, Modern Chinese Pattern. Pattern # 333; Color 655; Size says it is 9x12 but it measures 10x14; Register # 21917. I saw a smaller rug that looks similar on E-Bay that was still bidding and was already up to $995. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Al Kajin:
Good Morning Everyone,
I too am looking for information on a M J Whittall Associates Anglo-Persian rug.
Mine is Pattern 351 Color 164 Register 269119 Size 13-6 X 12 Made in 3-54.
This rug is in very good shape except some noticable wear to the fringe near one corner.
It was bought by my grandmother, along with another one of another size in the mid 50's for her new house. She died in 1960 and the rugs were stored until the 70's when my wife and I used it for a few months in a house we lived in. It was again stored for a few years and was used by my parents for a 5 or 6 years and then stored again until now. We are contemplating tearing out our wall to wall carpet, installing hardwood flooring and putting down Gram's rug. 
With the popularity of Antique Roadshow we wonder what this well made rug would be worth.
It is my hope that Mrs Cicero still has her ancestors records and can give us an educated guess of worth.
I thank you in advance for any help.
Al Kajin
Forsyth Montana

susan c:
I also have 4 M J Whittall rugs which are Anglo-Persian pattern 351, color 58, size 27x54.  They were my grandmother's. She likely purchased them in Columbus, Ohio.
I am curious as to their value.  Hope you can help.

Just use the rugs in your living room for a better comfort in the place. First you need to clean it with water and air to dry. The Whittall rugs are very useful and durable. Or, you may sell it on ebay for that carpet is quite older, it is antique.

David K. Martinous:
My name is David Martinous. My family has been in the oriental rug business for over 80 years. I'm married to Cynthia McCorkindale who's great-grandfather was the brother to Gertrud Clark Whittall. We have a few of the Whittall rugs in our home. They were considered one of the best if not the best wilton rugs ever made. Ellen if you are able to contact us please do so. Cynthia or I would love to hear from you.


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