Author Topic: Remembering Belmont St School - last 8th grade class of 1966  (Read 3717 times)


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Who else remember teachers & other students?
Started at there in the 3rd Grade Ms Osbourne,  >:( probable the teacher most responsible for turning me against liking school forever!
4th Grade Mr Bohigian, he finished the job!
5th Grade Ms. McGrath I think her name was. Nice lady, real sweat.
6th Grade Mr. Driscoll, he "almost turned me back around!
7th & 8th Ms Quint, wonderfull teacher, Mr McGinn, I was ready to quit school after that clown, and one other female teacher I don't remember her name though.
Then on to Burncoat Sen High until 1970 in the Aggie Program.
Now lets hear what & who you remember.

Tim Coyle