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WW II Vet's Webpage: Colorful Worcester History and more
« on: October 17, 2007, 07:07:30 PM »
Hello to fellow Worcesterites!
I am an 84 year-old WW II veteran, having flown on 28 missions over Europe. I witnessed so much needless bloodshed during that when I returned home, I resolved to research and expose those running the "War Racket".

I soon threw my hat into the political arena, running for U.S. Congress and working directly with (then Senator) John F. Kennedy, and many other prominent "Americanists". In Worcester-proper, I and others have managed to stop the "powers that be" from dumping flouride into our water. Few towns have managed to hold back the "false progress" of flouidation, (it's poison to the system) so congratulations, Worcester! After all, we don't drink toothpaste every day, do we?

I have posted a web page to archive of my political experiences and ideas at:

I would characterize my site as part of an emerging Truth Movement in this nation of ours. I have shown many sides to local and State politics, especially as they are effected by larger trends in the nation and wider world around us.

God bless you, and stay healthy. Would be glad to talk with any of you who may have feedback no my site.
Here's a conversation piece for starters: who knows about Cynthia McKinney's bid for the Presidency? Have a look if you'd like.

Anthony Hmura
"No Baloney" Tony