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Just wondering whatever happened to Steve who owned Theo's Restaurant on Highland Street?  He also owned the Pennywise Market next to it (and renamed it Andon's in honor of his sons Andrew and Don).  He was always so kind to me.  I was a Becker girl - lived in Cedar Hall on Fruit Street at the time.  When I was sick, he would send home orange juice and English muffins to me.  I last visited Worcester in 1983 & was told Steve was robbed at the restaurant and eventually moved.  Any updates would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Looking For Former Worcester Residents / lokin for herby hurtz from holden
« Last post by deacon on November 26, 2017, 10:48:53 AM »
anybody ever see herby
Worcester Irish Genealogy/History / Worcester Newspapers
« Last post by NEMSTC on April 26, 2017, 03:05:36 AM »
Could use assistance how to find the actual newspapers my Irish relatives would make use of especially for obituaries.  'Brickwalls' might come down if I could read complete obituaries from Worcester Telegram, Worcester Evening Gazette and Worcester Daily Spy.  I believe the Gazette catered more to the Irish?  Even though I was born in Worcester, I now live in Florida and visiting libraries for these newspapers might be a little bit of a problem.  Surnames of my research previously listed on Worcester Talk.

John F. Lutz
Worcester Irish Genealogy/History / Finnegans/Trainors of Lordship Roman Catholic Parish
« Last post by NEMSTC on February 05, 2017, 12:03:52 PM »
Interested in hearing from anyone who might have the following married couples in their family tree from county Louth:
1---Michael Finnigan and Mary Trainor m. June 22, 1844
2---Thomas Finnigan and Elizabeth Trainer m. Oct. 4, 1844
3---Patrick Mardon and Rose Trainor m. Feb. 10, 1844
4---Arthur Trainer to Anne Trainor m. Feb. 13, 1844

Also, as stated in other Worcester subjects, I'd like to hear from those connected to Hugh Rice 1797-1877 and Alice Trainor 1812-1899; and, Alice's brother John Trainor 1816-1884
Please email me at
I am trying to tear down 'brickwalls' with these ancestors who left Louth and Fermanagh counties in Ireland, beginning in the early 1850's, and settled in Worcester, Leicester, Cherry Valley, Hopkinton and Marlborough, Massachusetts.  They were catholic and many were buried in St. John's Cemetery, Worcester.
I'd like to have email correspondence with anyone currently researching these surnames located in the subject space; please contact me at  Thank you very much and may I look forward to hearing from you.

Marie lived on Charlotte St, around 1968 - 1970 or so
Looking For Former Worcester Residents / Looking for Jeannie Perris
« Last post by Whattever4 on February 26, 2016, 07:21:19 PM »
She went to Burncoat late 60's and dated Bumper (walter) Burns from Lincoln Street.
Looking For Former Worcester Residents / Looking for McNultys from Burncoat Street
« Last post by Whattever4 on February 26, 2016, 07:19:22 PM »
I am looking for Kevin, Chip and Joanne that lived on Bluebell Rd on upper Burncoat. They had a brother Gary I knew, who was a great Basketball, football star. He died in a car accident in 1974. I would just like to see what became of all of the. Their moms name is Marrianne  and her late husband was Charles.
Looking For Former Worcester Residents / Looking for Carol (blackmer) creed
« Last post by Whattever4 on February 26, 2016, 07:15:26 PM »
Looking for Carol Blackmer , went to BHS, graduated 1970. She formerly lived on Barnard Rd and dated Gary McNulty till his death in 1974. Would like to know how she is
In St. John's Cemetery right in front of James McAvoy's Family tombstone (my great grandfather), there is the tombstone of Hugh Rice, Alice Trainor Rice, his wife, and Owen Rice, their son ( I have a photograph of my mother standing next to this Rice tombstone).  My great great grandmother was Anne Rice McEvoy, mother of James, who came over in 1853.
My priority is to prove Hugh and Anne were siblings; to discover Alice Trainor's parents names and location; and, perhaps linking--as siblings-- Anne, Hugh and a Mary Rice 1821-1863 married to a John Trainor 1816-1884??? 
With Griffiths Valuation I show Anne McEvoy, Matthew Rice, John, Owen and Thomas Traynor as renters under Lord Clermont, and, I also have Anne Rice McEvoy's brother-in-law's two sons baptized in Lordship Church and information which puts them near Jenkinstown Cross, county Louth.  (By-the-way, Anne Rice McEvoy's parents were Matthew and Mary Rice for which I have proof).
As a side note, my ancestors came over to Hopkinton, Leicester and Worcester and clustered with neighbors from Ireland such as: Daws, Traynors, McArdle, Finnegan, Doherty, McDermonts.
Lastly, someone--without proof--has listed Alice Trainor's parents as being Partick Trainor and Ann White, but I can't enter this without primary source proof.
***Please contact me (born in Worcester but now in Florida)     THANK YOU
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