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Title: Looking for infor on Charles A Peterson
Post by: Germac on November 30, 2013, 11:38:58 AM
If someone has a Genealogybank account, I would appreciate it if someone could look up the marriage and/or death info of Charles A Peterson and his wife, Sarah Lyons. C. Peterson was a 33rd degree mason and based on the info from the Grand lodge (MA) he was born in Sweden in 1880 and was mason in the Worcester lodge (Athlestan/Montecute/Guiding lights). I was thinking he was born circa 1850. Furthermore, I thought he was from the Boston area and not Worcester, but he could have lived in the Worcester area briefly.  I can find two references of him, one being mentioned as the father of the birth of Martha Charlotte Peterson on 6/25/1877.  The other reference is that he was present over the marriage of his other daughter, Annie L Peterson (my great grandmother) on 6/24/1894 in Boston.  Any information that can help would be appreciated.  Thanks!